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Menomonee Falls Attorney

Lawyer Serving Clients in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Do you need legal assistance with a family matter, personal injury claim, business or other legal issue in Menomonee Falls? Are you looking for a local attorney who can help you with friendly, capable, and personalized service? Your legal issues can be handled by the Menomonee Falls lawyer at the Midwest Legal Center, a small, boutique law firm geared towards meeting the needs of the people in this community.

The Menomonee Falls lawyer at the firm has been practicing since 1996 and can provide legal assistance and representation in family law matters, such as divorce, paternity, guardianship, premarital and post-marital agreements, child custody and placement, and with mediation and collaborative divorce. In addition, he can handle the legal aspects of any accident or injury, including motor vehicle accidents, farm and workplace injuries, animal attacks, and safe place violations. He can represent you as a Menomonee Falls attorney in cases involving vaccine injury, mesothelioma, civil litigation, business matters, contracts, employment, and real estate.

Whatever legal issue you may be facing, it is always in your best interests to seek competent legal counsel. When you consult with the Menomonee Falls lawyer at the firm, he can review your situation to determine what your options may be and devise a legal strategy that best suits your needs. It is strongly recommended that you contact the firm today to set up a confidential consultation as soon as possible. Let an experienced and skilled local attorney provide the legal help or representation you need.

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Contact a Menomonee Falls Attorney at the firm today for legal assistance with a family law, personal injury, civil litigation, or business matter today!

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