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Divorce Attorney Serving Washington County

Legal Assistance and Representation with Divorce and All Divorce-Related Issues

If you are considering a divorce or have already begun the process, you are probably aware of the difficulties, emotional upsets, and financial challenges that this family law matter can involve. Many issues must be resolved to finalize a divorce, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and a division of marital property and debts. All of these matters can provoke disputes among the divorcing couple, involving accusations, hostility, confusion, and stress. That is why you need the objective, yet sensitive guidance of a divorce attorney who knows Wisconsin divorce law and who can help you navigate the problems that arise in any divorce. Attorney Coteʹ at the Midwest Legal Center has been practicing law since 1996 and has the experience, commitment, and skills to competently guide you through the process, whether yours is a simple, uncontested divorce or one involving complicated family and financial matters.

Attorney Coteʹ is a trained mediator who provides divorce mediation services as well as collaborative divorce. These alternative divorce methods involve negotiation on disputed divorce matters that is done outside of the courtroom, which makes your divorce less time-consuming, less expensive, less adversarial, and less stressful for the divorcing parties and their children. In divorce mediation as well as collaborative divorce, your divorce attorney will help you and your spouse negotiate mutually agreed-upon terms through cooperation, problem-solving, and non-adversarial techniques which foster constructive communication. Both of these methods are done in a private, safe setting with the assistance of your divorce attorney.

In those cases where divorce mediation or collaborative divorce is not appropriate or possible, conventional divorce litigation done through the courts can be accomplished with the legal assistance and representation of the divorce lawyer at the Center. Regardless of your situation, Attorney Coteʹ will ensure that your legal rights and interests are protected and advanced throughout the legal process and work vigorously to see that your divorce is resolved in a fair and equitable manner.

Contact the divorce attorney at the firm today for legal representation in any Wisconsin divorce today.

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