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Civil Litigation Attorney Serving Washington County

Do you need representation in a civil or business litigation either as a defendant or as a plaintiff in Menomonee Falls, Germantown, or West Bend, Wisconsin? Your civil litigation case may concern any legal issue that has resulted in a dispute between you and another individual or a business in which damages or an action to do or not do something are being requested from the court. Civil litigation cases may involve such issues as breach of contract, actions for injunctions, or actions asking the court to declare the rights of the parties involved.

Whatever your civil lawsuit may concern, it is important that you seek capable professional legal assistance from a qualified civil litigation lawyer. Please contact the civil litigation lawyer at Midwest Legal Center, LLC today to schedule an initial consultation concerning your lawsuit. The firm offers friendly, competent legal service to all prospective clients in the areas of Menomonee Falls, Germantown, West Bend, and surrounding counties. Because the firm is a boutique law office, you will receive responsive and personalized attention to your legal needs. Attorney Coté of Midwest Legal Center, LLC has been practicing since 1996 and can provide the legal experience, skills, and resources needed to effectively represent you in any civil suit.

Civil Litigation

A civil litigation lawsuit begins when the plaintiff files a written complaint with the court. The defendant will then respond with a written answer to the complaint. After this, the opposing parties will learn all of the facts about the case in order to prepare for the trial. This is called the "discovery" process. This process involves questioning witnesses, exchanging documents, and written questions, called "interrogatories."

Whether you are entering civil litigation as a defendant or as a plaintiff, it is vital that you have a capable and experienced attorney by your side who can ensure that your rights and interests are protected and advanced throughout the legal process. The civil litigation lawyer at the firm welcomes your inquiries and is fully prepared and qualified to represent you in civil court from start to finish.

Do you need representation in a civil litigation in Washington County?Contact the Civil Litigation Attorney at the firm today!

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