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Start a Business Now?

No - I am not crazy.  Hang in here with me, now may just be a good time to start your own business and here is why:

These challenging times mean that:

(1)       There is a lot of talent available in the employment pool - maybe waiting for you;

(2)       You may be able to create a business that offers more personal financial security than you can achieve working for someone else;

(3)       Unprecedented economic changes mean unprecedented economic opportunities;

(4)       Other business failures may have created a market vacuum you are situated to fill;

(5)       Even though money may be tight in times like these, suppliers and service providers may be willing to cut deals that would not exist in the "good times"; and

(6)       Real estate and commercial leases are often at bargain rates during these tough times.

Of course starting a new business many not be right for everyone; however if you have the entrepreneurial spirit, are willing to make sacrifices, and have the ability see opportunity where others see problems, now may be the right time for you.  If so, you will be in good company.  Consider the following often repeated examples of corporate icons that were born in difficult economic times:  General Electric, Disney, IBM, Apple and Microsoft.  Are you next?

Remember, if you are starting a new business or remaking your existing business, experienced legal counsel can offer real value by assisting with human resource and employment matters, business organization, operating and partnership agreements, and strategic planning. 

The video below is one I put together as an introduction to business organizational structures in Wisconsin - watch and enjoy!

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